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How I Healed Podcast
Freeing the voice with Alicen Grey

Freeing the voice with Alicen Grey

Alicen's voice was exploited by the church as a child, so she quit singing and gave up on God. Here's the story of how she found her way back to her God-given talent and her self-expression.

Alicen Grey’s vocal talent attracted attention from a very young age. The church in which she grew up put her on stages raising money for the church, not a dime of which she ever saw. Told that she would be punished by God if she refused, she burnt out her voice and associated singing with being entrapped.

The process of freeing and reclaiming her voice involved freeing her mind, body, and soul. Now, she has found her way back to God, and to her God-given gift of singing. For the whole conversation, make sure to upgrade to a paid subscription, as we’re diving in deeper on conspiracy, transhumanism, female spirituality and more behind the paywall.

She is writer and musician who muses on magick, mysticism, metaphysics, and mental freedom.

In her writing on Substack, she “collects perspectives” and explores the grey area in all ideologies, hence her self-chosen name meaning “Alice in the Grey Area.”

In her music, by the moniker When Humans Had Wings, she chronicles her in-progress self-liberation process with melodies and metaphors. 

Alicen’s heArtwork is inspired by a desire to re-mind people that humans can (literally) fly — our potential is infinite, and we are free to choose a life of love and lucidity.

COMING SOON: Herbs for Psychospiritual Well-Being

Are you bracing yourself for the next chapter of the human story?

Feeling off center as the world rapidly changes around you?

Does “the new normal” seem anything but normal to you?

Come take a deep dive into how the plant world can help you find peace and balance.

We are all descended from people who lived through times of great change. Wherever your ancestors originated, they relied on plant medicine to stay healthy and centered. These same plants are available now to help navigate our crazy times.

This beginner and advanced-friendly class will empower you to know and use herbs for many physical and psychological conditions.

Come gather medicine wisdom for yourself and your community.

Taught by Mary Lou Singleton, herbalist, midwife and family nurse-practitioner. Mary Lou has been studying and practicing herbalism for over 30 years.

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How I Healed Podcast
How I Healed Podcast
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